Arrive early!

1. Bring a backpack. For anything that won’t fit in your sporran, a backpack is essential. It will allow you to keep your arms free for food, selfies, dancing, shopping, etc.
2. Hydrate! Yes, you will be able to buy beverages including water but you may bring in some to stay hydrated.
3. Wear sun screen and bring a hat. Even if the festival is in the fall (with presumably cooler weather) you will want these.
4. Dress in, or at least bring along layers. Weather could change dramatically and you should assume you’ll want to stay well into the evening for the concert when it will be cooler. A pack-able windbreaker or rain jacket is a great idea.
5. Bring cash. Lots of vendors will take cards, but cash is still really handy, there is an ATM at Albertons. It may also be needed for buying food tickets.
6. Bring small snacks such as energy bars, fruit and nuts.
7. Wear comfortable shoes.
8. Make sure your devices are fully charged and have room for photos/videos.
9. Finally, WEAR A KILT!